The list below reflects some of the projects we have realized. 

Many projects are the intellectual property of the respective clients and therefore unfortunately cannot be presented here.


Adele.Systems Virtual Toll Management

Client: Adele:Systems GmbH Austria

Development and deployment of integrated, scalable and configurable system with a web interface to process street networks into a graph suitable for toll rates calculation according to individual vehicle routes. 

Also see the Adele.Systems website.


Python (Flask, Celery, Shapely, Python-IGraph, NetworkX etc.), Centos, AWS, XML


US Public Land Survey System Data Processing

Client: A US natural resources industry company

  • Database design and cloud server architecture (including security requirements) for a complex multi-format-IO data handling and processing setup
  • Development of algorithms to derive geographic coordinates from PLSS strings via automated geometry simplification, distance measurements and approximations. Example: 11 16N 8E SE NE SW SW721 FSL 1941 FWL 37.54099, -99.41513 (changed)
  • WMS implementation / design / deployment.
  • Webcrawling algorithms and on-demand data delivery services.
  • Web services implementation for automated data processing
  • Map and Input/Output web forms implementation


Java, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, PL/PGSQL, Python, Ubuntu Server, AWS, Tomcat, Apache, Geoserver, Javascript and PHP.



"Optimal Transmission System Planning" - Electrical Power Network Modelling Application

Client: Ecofys Germany GmbH

Development and deployment of an integrated, scalable and configurable, scenario-based database system with spatiotemporal characteristics to generate input data for modelling electric power systems. It produces aggregated or disaggregated outputs in multiple formats (XLS, CSV, direct database access, geodata) with the above data  for custom geometries and model years.


PostgreSQL, PostGIS, PL/PGSQL, PL/Python, PL/R, R spatial, VMware, Ubuntu Server, Azure, MS Access (Automated recurring migration from Access to PostgreSQL)


Bénin Water Resource Analysis GIS Pilot Project - GPS Survey and Webmapping

Client: DED/GTZ (now GIZ)

Data collection and GPS survey for the PEP / PADEAR programme in Bénin,West Africa.

An interactive web map for the visualization of the water resource distribution in the Akpro-Misséréte community in East Bénin was developed subsequently.


GPS, Openlayers, MapInfo GIS, Access





OpenStreetMap Postcode Routing

Client: undisclosed

Development and deployment of a RESTful API providing routing information between postcode areas.

Distributed server architecture. Based on Graphhopper routing engine.


Redis, Python, Flask, JSON, AWS



PostgreSQL database development and testing

Client: Datalyze Solutions UG Berlin


PostgreSQL, Python (pyunit, sqlalchemy)


Client server application for managing a municipality's incomes from property rate

Client: Municipality of Patras, Greece

The application was used by the municipality employees and managed the real estate property records for one of the biggest municipalities in Greece. Besides the development of the application, the migration from the legacy system, database administration, data reports, user training and support was realized. 


Oracle db, Oracle forms, Oracle reports

Sales automation system for the fast moving consumer goods sector

Client: Mythos Brewery, Carlsberg Group

A sales force automation software system for mobile salesmen and merchandisers. The system supported online and on the go sales orders and merchandising info back in 2003 with the use of csv files, ftp and a custom developed database synchronization algorithm and GPRS. The front end was installed in PDAs. Our part: database synchronization with the ERP system, business reports, database maintenance, database synchronization, software quality management, roll out management


MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008, Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003


A web application for matching offers and requests for trade goods and services

Client: Achaia Commerce Chamber

Web application for matching offers and requests for trade goods and services.

Java, JSP, JDBC, J2EE, JavaMail, Oracle

Berlin Wall Webmap

Openlayers map showing the former course of the Berlin Wall.