We consult on the technology choice. We prefer to use open-source systems.


Networks, Databases and Geomatics

We design, program, optimize, host and administer relational or non-relational databases for spatial and / or temporal data storing, processing and analyzing.

Our systems of choice include PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server and NoSQL databases.

We are specialized in the development of highly customized geomatic methods, automated data processing and web-enabled modelling and data delivery systems based on spatial databases and languages/libraries/frameworks like GDAL/OGR, Java, PL/pgSQL, R, Python and Flask.

We implement the extraction and processing of OpenStreetMap data for various applications.

Based on graph-theory algorithms, we analyse and process spatial and non-spatial network data.


Visualisation, WebMapping, WebGIS

We offer "classic" print and digital cartography as well as interactive online mapping systems (WEBGIS) and webmapping services (WMS) based on CartoDB, Openlayers, Geoserver, UMN Mapserver and others. Those applications are proven efficient in many different contexts for online presentation of geodata and are individually extensible.


Geospatial CMS

For a CMS-like approach to permission-ruled viewing, sharing, editing and collaborating with geospatial data, we offer a browser-based WebGIS solution, based on an open source framework, so it is completely free of license costs. 

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.


Linux servers and virtualisation

Turnkey solutions based on virtualized / cloud-based linux servers are one of our approaches towards offering our customers a complete and flexible solution for their applications, thus making them sustainable in the long term. We offer the full range of server administration, maintenance, data backups and customization.


Project management

Depending on the project, we can work for you on a hourly payment basis if it is not clear for you yet what exactly you would like to do and how, and guide you through a formal analysis procedure. We can manage the project based on time, money and resources estimation.